La Grande Bumm


La Grande Bumm v.14

Since June 2006 Korsett has been promoting the «La Grande Bumm» Nights in different Clubs and Venues in Lucerne. The focus has always been on the different sections of electronic dance music. Every night has been comitted to a certain content: From introductions of important labels like Ad Noiseam, Planet Mu and the like with according artists to special music genres like 8-bit, Chiptune, Electronica and the like.

Contemporary Artists and the interplay between club culture, design and electronic music have been the playground for the night and it managed to support young musicians and designers in networking with other local, national and international actors. Featured artists in the past have been: Nosaj Thing (US), Hecq (DE), Kelpe (UK), Az-Rotator (E), Broken Note (UK), Akira (AR), DJ Donna Summer (US / DE), Karsten Pflum (DK), Somatic Responses (UK), Pure (DE), Raoul Sinnier (FR), Karl Marx Stadt (DE), Dj Elephant Power (BEL), Nishinga (DE), Nvsbl ppl (DK), Paris suit Yourself (FR / US), Wasted Acid Youth (DE), Funckarma (NL), Society Suckers (DE),Stu (CH), Simon Bertz (CH), Roel Funcken (NL), Lxc (DE), Nicolas Chevreux (DE) ….