Based in Switzerland and Germany, DEMEGY is available for DJ sets, remix and collaborative projects, focusing on Electronica, Glitch, Ambient and Bassmusic.

DEMEGY is an alias used by Marc-Oliver Hermann,an electronic music producer from Switzerland.

demegy_birrfeld_resize KopieOver the past years he not only defined his own style in rhythmic, psychedelic IDM and Bassmusic, but also played at established venues across Switzerland for Music, Art and Media Festivals: La Grande Bumm, Ad Noiseam Night, Les Digitales or Fantoche Festival to name a few.

A strong interest in progression, bypassing recycled standards and the art of creating a rich and harmonic experience is the very nature of DEMEGYs sound. His music receives support from artists such as Karsten Pflum, Arovane, Macc, or Hula Honeys, among many others, and is best described as twisted bass and rhythmical experimentation. With works like Breakshake, If it’s You or Landing released on KORSETT, he showed a glimpse of what will come in the future. DEMEGY has a strong background in studio and digital music production. Owner of a Project Studio he is offering a space to everyone who wants to elaborate creative expression.



  • Category: DJ, Producer, Liveact