We are a collective of DJs/producers, promoters, graphic designers and artists based in Lucerne Switzerland.

Founded in 2005 the Lucerne (Switzerland) based cultural network Korsett is home to 16 swiss multimedia artists, sound designers, DJs, graphic designers and promoters. As a nodal point, the conglomerate promotes parties, concerts and other types of events with a focus on electronic music and visual media. Besides that, Korsett tries to place its artists at events and since recently publishes also their music as a small label. Korsett events try to show the whole spectrum of electronic music: from club nights to experimental concerts and performances up to special theme-based nights like the K.TV-series. The network stands for a broad and open approach to club culture, which gives electronic music credits for social, artistic and innovative potential beyond the dancefloor. This is the reason live concerts, performances, evenings of discussion and the like are as important to Korsett as the obligate afterhours and house- and technonights. A common attribute to all events is a focus on contemporary tendencies, an precise contentual selection and a special attention on artistic nuances. Elaborately designed graphics and video animations fitting to the actual event cater for a fitting, conceptually meaningful frame. Above the continuously running series of events, Korsett also tries to enter in co-productions with other promoters, festivals, labels and institutions. The network provides a broad program on a regular basis, a small label and a platform for its artists and peers.

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