HEART MAKER ON KICKSTARTER – Composer / Sound Design by Daniel Sommer

A fantasy short film about a lonely man in a women leaded world, a tragic romance, and an irreparable heart.

The story follows Aron and Gina, a happy couple in the throws of romance. One day when Aron makes a life changing request Gina disappears, leaving him heartbroken and looking for answers. With nobody to turn to Aron contacts the only people he thinks could help make him feel whole again, but all is not as it seems. Gina, far from heartless and distant is in the same place, but why?

Heart Maker sees Gina forced to make a decision about her future that will determine which version of herself she chooses to become. Following some test footage of Gina/Nurse:


We would love for you to get involved, support us and share every step of this exciting journey with us. Therefore we need your help because we are just students and have supported ourselves as far as we can. Heart Maker is an ambitious film which requires backing to make our vision reality.

As a crew most of us graduate this year from the Ravensbourne University in Digital Film Production, and we require funding and your support to finish our three years long course with integrity and style, plus a good grade! Please get involved and support us in any way you can, help us to reach our £3,000 goal and we will be truly grateful.

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