[KRST01] Breakshake Remix Compilation (CD-R & Digital Release)

For the past five years the Lucerne Korsett Collective has arranged together concerts, events, performances and presentations in the atmosphere of current graphic design, animation and electronic music.

With a lot of passion, unpaid work and guests from all over the world, the conglomerate of different artists, graphic designers, musicians and organizers achieved to become known beyond its region.

This is why they decided for a first release of material from their own ranks. Thanks to the remix support by like-minded people, the Breakshake Remix-Compilation sees the light of day in a limited edition. Based on the starting material of the two Korsett members Demegy and Somtek 12 tracks have made it in a quasi-democratic selection process to be on the CD.

The tracks oscillate between Dubstep, Breakcore, IDM and Techno.

Part of the party: Karsten Pflum, DJ Donna Summer, Fexomat, AZ-Rotator, Noize Creator, Jools, Bolder and of course the producer-guard of the collective