[KRST03] Kackmusikk – Stella EP

The third release on Korsett in 2011 brings you english vibes to your living room and fast rhythms to your ears.

Kackmusikk (half of Hood Regulators DJ-Crew) has his debut EP “Stella” ready and it is definitely influenced by and dedicated to the dancefloor. Along with crispy 808-sounds and impulsive rhythms, the subtle acidlines and harmonic synth-pads add some extra pressure to the whole release, the smooth and cutted vocals on the title track are sung by the talented Lucerne based post-rock band “Field Studies”. The Affinity to the current UK-Bassmusic hype is just unmistakable.

The Hood Regulators are known for their musical intuition in actual clubmusic and they once more prove it. They converted the original material with care into a remix which reminds of “Bangs & Works”-productions. Fast rimshots and rattling clapsnares transform the original into a true footwork-anthem – A massive clubbanger!

A 3-track piece to celebrate club culture without disregarding the subtleties of electronic music.
released 30 December 2011