Visual Audio Installation «ILUMINA» at Mira Festival Barcelona

Ilumina Audio Visual Installation – Sound design by Demegy
MiRA Festival 
ILUMINA on vimeo
ILUMINA on vimeo (early version)


Audio by Demegy


Demegy (Korsett) made a nice audio dressing for «Ilumina», an installation by visual artist Luis Sanz that utilizes light as an artifice of visual perception. Ilumina is a painting augmented with projections and shadows to create the illusion of 3D.

Of all the surfaces you can projection map on to, paper doesn’t immediately sound like the most fascinating. But this piece, Ilumina shows you that the humble sheet of paper can be just as impressive as the facade of a historical building. Projection that lights a figure on paper, trying to play with light depth and perception.

«I love to play with perception, you can very quickly change the reality of things, and connect it to an alternative space where you can’t recognize exactly what your eyes are seeing. “ – Luis Sanz

Sanz’s works take on multiple forms such as audiovisual performances, installation and generative art. He draws inspiration from geometry, surrealism, abstraction, architecture and futurism. He experiments with sound, reactive visuals, code-generated graphics and leads those experiments into the field of digital arts. As live performer artist, he had the opportunity to present his work in several countries at parties, concerts and festivals.

«My first idea for Luis’s Installation was a simple but harmonic sound that covers the static and dynamic being of ILUMINA. Having done a lot of sound processing the last few years, i discovered many handy and not so handy techniques that tend to misuse DSP tools and instruments. Heading in different (usually contra) directions is a good start exploring new and unexpected sounds.

The fundamental output of the drone-ish athmo is a vestige from „Inverted Noisereduction“ (you hear what has been removed during a restauration process) of a chordmelody piece i wrote in 2007. The dynamic sounds are a mix of binaural fieldrecordings (paper, plastics), digitally sliced and synced with the motions of ilumina. Synthetic sounds supplements weight to the concept.» – Demegy

The next Installation of ILUMINA is in Paris, France at 3×3 SMIL

Review by Kevin Holmes