Mix: Hood Regulators live at Electrosanne 2013


On the regular: Lucerne duo Hood Regulators keep it roadblock with an incisive selection of bass-heavy riddims.

«Hood Regulators are the duo of Kackmusikk and Leisure Options, a pair of disco wreckers tearing up the clubs of central Switzerland and beyond. Kackmusikk’s DIY ethos goes hand in hand with his love of grime, dubstep, heavy metal, and anything that rails against the status quo and needs to find a path of its own. This self-taught DJ and producer might have destroyed the mixer once during his set, but as a wise man said: the man who never made a mistake never made anything. Teaming up with fellow system-terrorist Leisure Options and his skills in mixing sparse, dystopian atmospheres have led to Hood Regulators carving out a niche for forward-looking sounds that sounds as recognizable as Lindt and fondue. As they pick up the pace with a load more remixes and shows, Hood Regulators have refined their hyper-charged afro-stepper sound into a full-on jam assault weapon. That’s one in the eyes for the no-can-do’s.»